Saturday, April 14, 2007


Wow conquers camp this year is going to be great i can already tell!!! I am ready to go and expecting great things from GOD!!! Its going to be hot and icky with the weather but oh well its going to be worth hanging out with the best youth group ever!!! And yes we have the coolest youth pastors ever,,, Bro.Andrew and Sis.Mandy!!! Oh yeah they can be very crazzzyyyy but they are really cool and awesome!!! I love yall so much!!!!

Kinda CHEESY!!! (i love cheese hehe)

Well this is my first time making a blog and looks kinda poopy right now,, but when it get all better it will look awesome!!! haha lol so if any of yall have any ideas to help my page luk better than plz comment me n tell me!!!!!! I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh my word!!!! HYC was a blast this year!!! I am so glad i got to go and enjoy my blessings that i received from GOD!!! I got my biggest blessing on Friday morning and it felt so gud to have people back me up and have my back,,, i am glad to know that i have gud friends in the church who really care for me and love to see me with a great big smile. I just cant explain my new life all i know that there is nothing in this world that is worth me going to hell over and suffering.

The perfect guy

My perfect guy would be a pentecostal guy that is tall,dark and handsome!!! Haha it sounds cheesy but that is really my dream guy,,, also someone who is fun, outgoing, has a great personality, and loves to be around someone who falls alot and breaks alot of cell phones (haha) jk,,,, but someone who loves my personality and loves the way i look and loves my personality!!! Thats about all!!